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Emilie Mover
What better soundtrack to Valentine’s Day than Emilie Mover‘s latest release Mighty Time. Her new EP (out now on Nevado Records) is perfect for the occasion as it covers beautiful songs of love and hope to songs of heartbreak. No matter your Valentine’s situation, the humble and exquisite songstress has got you covered. Ahead of her show in Toronto at The Drake tomorrow night (win tickets), I had the opportunity of Emilie about her inspirations, touring with Megan Bonnell, humourous videos, and what she does for fun.

AMBY: Congratulations on the release of your new EP Mighty Time. What was the experience like recording it?

Emilie Mover: The one that just came out with Sandro was amazing. We just went into a studio for two days and it was a completely different recording experience from what I was used to. Sandro Perri is amazing. We recorded it very simply; for one of the songs a band came in and played. It was awesome. It felt like we were really doing things in an old-fashioned way.

AMBY: I’m glad to hear that. As far as the creative process goes, what were your biggest inspirations songwriting-wise on the EP?

Emilie Mover: Probably just heartbreak and trying to understand why we’re on this god forsaken planet [laughs].

AMBY: [laughs] Out of the six tracks on Mighty Time, which is your personal favourite?

Emilie Mover: Of all of the tracks on Mighty Time… It’s weird because it changes. I really like Tell Me Why right now, actually. I really like You Don’t Treat Me Right. Oh! Ride with the Tide. I just made a video for it and I’ve been listening to it a million times, I’m a bit sick of it [laughs]. But I do really like that song and I really feel that I meant what I was saying in it.

AMBY: I was watching that film clip earlier and love the black and white aesthetic and humour. How did the concept for the video come to be?

Emilie Mover: I worked with a filmmaker named Sasha Ormond and she’s a good friend of mine. This is the third video we’ve done together and I just love her eye and her sensibility and her aesthetic. She’s very talented and versatile and also very open. We come up with these concepts together and sort of work from the beginning to the end of it. I think the Charlie Chaplin sort of thing – Oh, you know what it was? It was that I had the idea that I was constantly just bringing things into a room and falling on them [laughs]. I am very clumsy, and she thought that was funny. Then she said we should do it in a Charlie Chaplin kind of way and that’s how we did it.

AMBY: It turned out great, I especially like the colour twist at the end! I wasn’t expecting that.

Emilie Mover: Thank you. We got to use a really nice camera when doing that, so we thought “let’s take advantage of this!”

AMBY: [laughs] While doing these questions I was listening to 14 C, taken from your album Seems So Long. I have to say, your voice is so pure and beautiful in the song.

Emilie Mover: Aw.

AMBY: When it comes to singing, who do you admire or look up to?

Emilie Mover: I love the classics and the ones I grew up with like Billie Holiday and Peggy Lee. You know who’s amazing? Megan, who I’m touring with. I’ve been touring with her and listening to her every night; she’s incredible. Another thing I really love a lot are a couple of singers in Toronto like Alex Lukashevsky, he was in a band called Deep Dark United ages ago.

AMBY: You mention Megan Bonnell there, and you’re together on the winter tour now. How’s that going?

Emilie Mover: It’s great. The shows, I mean, we’re sort of just getting to know each other and each other’s songs as we’ve been touring. I have to say that it’s awesome. Every show gets better and I love her songs a little more every time that she plays them. I sort of feel that we’re apples and oranges musically, but we rub off on each other really well. It doesn’t feel like a show where you think, “What? Why?!” It’s a really nice night. We both have a similar philosophy and reason that we make music and it comes through. Every gig I like more [laughs].

AMBY: Great! The show on Saturday should be fun. I saw on your Facebook page that you were listening to some “hot buttered soul” music [laughs], where you posted a video of Isaac Hayes’ Walk on By. Who else have you been listening to lately?

Emilie Mover: Oh [laughs], I was listening to Isaac Hayes yesterday, and I’ve been listening to a lot of New Orleans music. One of my favourite songwriters is a guy named Percy Mayfield. He wrote the song Hit the Road Jack, and everyone thinks Ray Charles wrote it. But, he actually wrote it and has a huge library of songs and I love him. He’s my go-to guy.

AMBY: Outside of music, what do you do for fun?

Emilie Mover: I just got an Apple TV! I go to a lot of comedy shows in Toronto, actually. I really like the comedy scene in Toronto. What else do I do? I like to go out dancing, but I don’t do it enough! I love going to movies; I could go to a movie everyday and not get sick of it. Also, in the winter time I exercise because if you don’t, you’ll kill yourself in Canada.

AMBY: [laughs] Agreed. Now we’re at the last question which is… What’s something about Emilie Mover that most people don’t know?

Emilie Mover: I’ve got one that I haven’t shared with that many people. I’m probably happiest when I’m on a Greyhound bus listening to music while drinking tea out of my thermos.


Thank you Emilie Mover, for giving us your answers!

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