Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ MisterWives

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MisterWives have a few surprises up their sleeves when it comes to releases. With an upcoming tour with The Mowgli’s in March and locking themselves away to write a new record, 2014 is looking to be a busy year for the New York based group. Recently dropping their soulful debut EP Reflections, MisterWives tell AMBY about goals they had when creating their EP, favourite lyrics, and details on their full-length album.

AMBY: Hello MisterWives, thanks for speaking with AMBY today. Please introduce yourselves to our readers!

MisterWives: Hey A MUSIC BLOG, YEA! We are MisterWives and writing to you from the Bronx, NY is Mandy, Etienne, and Will!

AMBY: How would you classify your sound to those unfamiliar with your music?

MisterWives: Our sound touches on various genres considering we appreciate so many. It’s always fun figuring out ways to incorporate different styles we love without it getting too hectic. The foundation of it all definitely stems from pop, mixed with folk, soul, rock, and the occasional boogie-down funk.

AMBY: You recently released your debut EP Reflections. What’s the reaction to the EP been like so far?

MisterWives: We’re still pinching ourselves with how positive all the feedback has been!!! We’re so thankful to all the blogs, magazines, radio stations and people who have supported our EP. Getting “Single Of The Week” on iTunes is pretty nutty as well, you can say that helped give our “little engine that could” a big boost.

AMBY: What’s the significance behind the title Reflections?

MisterWives: We titled the EP “Reflections” for a few different reasons. Besides being the single off the EP, it was a reflection of what life has been like over the last couple of years. From dance synth pop happiness to the chilling strings and bare bone ballads. Having self-produced a majority of the music it gives true insight to what we are all about as a band and a fitting snap shot of where we stand. Our artwork for the cover of the EP is also a reflection of ourselves believe it or not! All the creatures coming out of the gramophone are our spirit animals. Even the gramophone has significance, tying together old musical styles with the new.

AMBY: When creating the EP, what was your ultimate goal?

MisterWives: Our goal was just to capture each song how it was meant to be heard and not settle for anything less. Recording most of these tunes in our apartment, you can only imagine how many noise complaints we got!

AMBY: What’s next as far as recording goes?

MisterWives: FULL LENGTH ALBUM HOLLLLLER! We are so pumped to lock ourselves away for a month and do nothing but record an album from the ground up, drink lots of coffee, eat scrumptious vegan food, and occasionally see the sunlight.

AMBY: Which MisterWives lyric is your favourite?

MisterWives: It’s a gloomy one but the band consensus is “How do you soften, the thought of carrying coffins?”

AMBY: Has there ever been a song you wish you wrote? And if so, which song?

MisterWives: Besides The Breaking Bad intro music…” A Change Is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke kills my soul every time. It’s crazy what that song captures.

AMBY: If you could invite any three people to record an album with, who would you pick?

MisterWives: James Murphy, Dave Grohl, and Pharrell Williams. That would be the dream team.

AMBY: Which 2014 release are you most looking forward to?

MisterWives: Walk The Moon, Foster The People, Frank Ocean, No Doubt, Adele, and fingers crossed for LCD Soundsystem to have a reunion and make a new record.

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about MisterWives that nobody knows yet?

MisterWives: Let’s just say, our passports soon will have new stamps!


Thank you MisterWives, for giving us your answers!

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