Concert Review: The Rainbreakers @ Proud Camden

The Rainbreakers

I recently had the opportunity to interview a great up and coming band called The Rainbreakers for AMBY. I was offered the chance to travel with the band and their management to review their gig at Proud Camden…. of course I jumped at the chance.

I have followed The Rainbreakers’ rise very closely since I first came across them at a gig in a local pub in Shrewsbury. Since then the band have toured extensively and notched up over 130 gigs in Shropshire and around the country, most notably supporting Catfish and the Bottlemen in Wrexham.

So how did this gig at Proud compare to the first time I witnessed this very talented band? Well, it exceeded all my expectations and was the best performance I’ve personally seen! Not only were the audience treated to one great set, the band were asked to do another set later that evening and I have to say that both sets were as equally epic as the other. The band started with the rousing “Don’t Give it up” closely followed by “Face to Face”, “Something New”, and “Woman”. Then the audience and myself were witness to a brand new and first time live performance called “See You Later”, this in my opinion is one of the best songs the band has written so far; from the hypnotic beat to the catchy chorus this song is destined to be a hit. The band then ended the first set with a quality cover of “Good Love is on the Way” by John Mayer.

The Rainbreakers

Their second set started as grand as their first – they started off with a quality cover of “Ain’t no Sunshine” by Bill Withers, “Unsteady” taken from their 1st EP, then “Service to the One”. The audience were again treated to “See You Later”. Ben the lead singer joked “we have played this once tonight and got it right I hope we don’t fuck it up this time!” Suffice to say they didn’t; they got it spot on again. The band ended with a couple of great cover songs that are always a pleasure to listen to and played in The Rainbreakers inevitable style “All Along the Watchtower” and “Wish You Were Here”.

I also have to add that all the way through the band’s performance they gained a Happy Mondays’ style Bez dancer! Who I have to say was a great sport and danced through every song with his improvised dancing, pleasing the crowd and gaining a nod and a wink from the band.

If you get a chance to see The Rainbreakers near you I would highly recommend you get down and take a good long hard listen as they are destined for bigger things!

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