Wavelength 2014: Day Two (including DIANA, Odonis Odonis, Weaves, + more)

MatroxAdelaide Hall was the perfect setting for the Valentine’s Day edition of Wavelength 14. The second night of this year’s fest, the bill was an eclectic group of musicians, each featuring their own brand of electronica.

Kicking off the night was the intergalactic trio, Matrox, hailing from Planet Z309; Earth. Dressed in full robot costume, the synth-based act was simply one of the strangest, most captivating music sets I’ve seen in some time. The completely original sound was beautifully complimented by a saxophone, although I’m still baffled how it managed to fit up the “trunk” of the costume.

Even with a few technical glitches, the audience was pulled into their world of disbelief, some fans even showing up in their own renditions of the robotic garb. Chants of “All hail Matrox!” were heard from the overhanding balcony. Letting the illusion slip after commanding “humans disperse”, the band removed their helmets and left the stage.

Most People
Next to fill the slot, Most People, were a last-minute filler when Marnie Stern had to pull out due to flight delays. Two talented, bearded men took the stage in weather-appropriate sweaters to wow the crowd that was now filling in nicely. The duo blended electronica with an upbeat folk sound that had everyone dancing. Impressively changing instruments throughout the set, they were able to showcase their individual talents while maintaining a psychedelic soundtrack to get lost in.


Weaves was a great choice for the lovers holiday, since every song was a track you could get down to. Complete with soulful screams, moans and utter passion, the stage was alive with singer Jasmyn Burke doing her thing. Bringing attention to the lack of drummer on stage, the rest of the crew stepped it up to bring a powerful diva-like presence to the set.

Odonis Odonis

Easily one of the most enthralling acts of the night was Toronto’s Odonis Odonis. Merging post-punk intensity, surfer rhythms and electro-beats the boys had the crowd in the same trance that they seemed to be in on stage. Moving perfectly in time with each other and clearly having a blast, the whole room moved as one happily sweaty unit.


Closing out the night, DIANA, played to a packed room of fans ready to sing along. The petite front-woman, Carmen Elle, owned the stage with her powerful performance and crowd rapport. Writing off technical glitches as a Y2K drill and Valentine’s Day as the crowds chance to get “desperately drunk on music”, she had an endearing line for every musical break.

Happy to be playing a hometown show, their energy seeped through every note. The soft, sweet vocal’s were driven by her power chords on guitar and were backed by drummer Kieran Adams, Paul Matthew on guitar and the uber-talented Joseph Shabason on keys and sax. With a mesh of stylistic backgrounds, electro-pop, jazz and soul swelled on stage and capped off the perfect performance for such a romantic evening.

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Shannon Bryan | @xoradioxo

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