Concert Review: Foals and Cage the Elephant @ O2 Academy

Cage the Elephant

Cage The Elephant (interview) kicked off the night triumphantly with In One Ear– even though I only knew a few songs I appreciated that they are an excellent live band. The atmosphere was fantastic as they played Take It or Leave It, Cigarette Daydreams, and Come A Little Closer amongst others. The great atmosphere was escalated as Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked kicked in, and lead singer Matt Shultz took off his shirt and started crowd surfing. After the unsurprising greatness of Cage The Elephant, everyone was eager for the headliners of the night.

The audience roared during the long, laser-filled build-up, until eventually Foals came on to the stage to Prelude; the first song from their most recent album Holy Fire. This was followed by older songs such as Hummer and the somewhat calmer Olympic Airways, which then made way to the phenomenally cheery sound of My Number. At this point everyone was dancing, getting thrown around the venue, or simply worshiping lead singer Yannis Philippakis and his insanely cool stage presence.

The incredible atmosphere remained as lights filled the venue, along with the amazing sound of Foals’ live performance. Blue Blood was next, then Holy Fire favourites Milk and Black Spiders and Providence got everybody jumping and Yannis crowd surfing. Spanish Sahara followed; everyone unitedly sang along, with one lonely lighter being held up at the front of the crowd. After the eerie sound of Spanish Sahara, one of my personal favourites, Red Socks Pugie brought the crowd back to dancing and jumping and worshiping Yannis.

Late Night was the next song to be played, which brought calm to the audience that was much needed after jumping around to the older, more upbeat Foals songs. Inhaler followed, and as the instantly recognisable introduction started everyone was going crazy, I was in ore of how good Foals sounded live.

Foals left the stage and shortly after the audience were screaming for more. “It’s been too long Newcastle,” Yannis said as The French Open started, and we all broke into more dancing and singing. Two Steps, Twice concluded what was an excellent live performance from the band. It ended up as the pinnacle of the gig; Yannis crowd surfed, walked to the bar I was standing at, jumped onto it and downed someone’s pint. It was unexpected so everyone was desperately trying to touch the coolest guy in the room as he stood on the bar, drinking someone’s beer.

I definitely had high expectations for Foals- so many people say they’re a phenomenal live band, and they definitely lived up to those expectations. I was a bit disappointed with the setlist, because I prefer Foals’ earlier albums rather than Holy Fire, but overall it was a great performance and I hope to see them again soon.

Laura Hague | @ccaliforniadaze

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