Getting Cozy With: The Mighty Stef

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Dear AMBY readers.

It gives me great pleasure to present our band to you for the first time.  We are The Mighty Stef, an alternative rock group from Dublin, Ireland. We are four friends ‘Stefan, Gary, Brian and Dan’. We have spent a lot of time in vans, on buses, trains and planes together. We have good times together and sometimes we even make music. Usually, that music falls into the category of ‘Experimental-rock-n-roll’. We try pump our songs up with as much euphoria as possible. Lyrically we tell abstract stories that are often derived from personal triumphs and woes. I guess we draw our inspiration from every second of music and visual art that we have ever come across in our lives. Folks have likened us to groups as diverse as Echo & The Bunnymen, LCD Soundsystem, Arcade Fire, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. This would correctly suggest that there is a wide array of ideas that go into the mix whenever we sit down to create something new. Imagine a movie that was written by Shane Meadows, shot by Kenneth Anger and then scored by Ennio Morricone. We are basically on a quest to reach this goal but in the sonic sense.  Aside from the work, we are gentlemen of the never ending road. We love to tour and to travel. We record in different cities every time. Montreal, Dublin, Berlin and LA have all been done. We thrive on touring as much as we can, its our preferred method of connecting with people. We have made many dear friends in this way but there is always room for one more. We are appealing to you today to be our friends.. We hope to see you out there on the front lines and when we do, we will deliver for you.  Check out our social media stuff and come say hello.

Until we meet.

Stay Gold



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