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RY X (Australian-born and Los Angeles-based Ry Cuming) is a gem when it comes to the singer-songwriter genre. Methodical and down to earth, RY X’s main mission is to create awe-inspiring music that resonates with his fans, and he clearly does a beautiful job of that with simple melodies and imagistic lyricism. In a recent interview, RY X spoke with A Music Blog, Yea? about sharing art, playing to open hearts, maturing, and more.

AMBY: Thanks for speaking with us today RY X, what have you been up to lately?

RY X: My limbs are in Australia right now.. So lately it’s been time in the sea.. and I’ve been working rehearsing a new collaboration project I’m releasing soon with other great music makers.

AMBY: How would you classify your sound to all of your listeners?

RY X: Moving. Growing.. I don’t know how I would classify it to myself, so I wouldn’t start on trying for others. I make lots of different music.. Deep house and electro in Berlin, raw live recordings of intimate stuff, slow heavy drone sounds with friends.. Mellow grunge. I can’t really try to fit it into boxes.. seems like limits if I try and categorize.

AMBY: In February you embark on a tour playing London, Germany, Holland, France, and Belgium. What are you most looking forward to?

RY X: Being in those spaces, with the people that come to those shows, that’s the driving force for heading out on the road. to connect with people and share art.

AMBY: What is one of your most memorable touring experiences?

RY X: Looking out the window… seeing a lot of really special places and getting to walk into rooms and play to open hearts.

AMBY: Looking through your Facebook feed, I couldn’t help but notice the gorgeous photos of scenery. Does nature in any way have an influence on your songwriting?

RY X: Everything does. My writing is a reflection of my life, so in that way it all pools into that experience. Where I am reflects my creating, on physical and emotional levels, very much so.

AMBY: How do you feel your sound has evolved since your early releases?

RY X: I think it’s become honest. I have matured in heart as a person and as an artist. The beginnings of things I did weren’t really a reflection of myself as a person or  artist.. I’m working hard to maintain that level for myself now

AMBY: Your EP Berlin is stunning. If you had to pick one track off the EP that best summarizes what you were hoping to achieve, which track would you pick and why?

RY X: Thank you, very much. I’m really humbled by the love it’s been received with.. I didn’t really expect any of it.. I just did it on a personal level really.. a release for me more than others. Berlin is the soul of this release, without it, I don’t think I would have put anything out. The other songs are a part of the experience, like limbs, but Berlin is the heart of it.

AMBY: What’s next as far as recording goes?

RY X: This year… my heart in a box hopefully for the RY X album… working on it in the next few months. And finishing my record with Frank (Wiedemann) for our project HOWLING.. and a new project I just finished with some collaborators.

AMBY: If you could invite any three people to record an album with, who would you pick?

RY X: There’s too many… Ravi Shankar, Steve Reich, Bjork.

AMBY: Which 2014 release are you most looking forward to?

RY X: Of the things I’m making? There can’t be favorites for me… they are all different parts of a whole. The experience is new for me in each of them.

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about RY X that nobody knows yet?

RY X: I had a third pair of teeth, after my baby teeth, before the ones I have now. They were fangs. Really. Not joking.


Thank you RY X, for giving us your answers!

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