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2014 has been an exciting year for the “anxious, loyal, excitable, theatrical, and charming” members of Longfellow. The London indie-rockers have been busy promoting their new single Siamese Lover, which was recently accompanied by a brand-new dark video. We can’t wait to see what the rest of 2014 holds for Longfellow. With that said, we caught up with the quartet to chat about what’s next, the Siamese Lover film-clip, and drunkenly wandering.

AMBY: Hello Longfellow, welcome to AMBY. What have you all been up to lately?

Longfellow: Hello! It’s been a really exciting time for us all, we’ve been running our second release ‘Siamese Lover’ through Label Fandango/Fierce Panda. It all began playing a support slot with Keane about three months ago, followed by a good few shows in London and some really strong radio responses. More recently we’ve been busy promoting our latest music.

AMBY: Who inspires your alternative-pop?

Longfellow: We have such a wealth of influences throughout the band it’s hard to pinpoint anyone in particular, but any band with a strong sense of melody, a great live show and thoughtful lyrics will always set our creative juices flowing.

AMBY: How would you describe each member of the band in one word?

Longfellow: Owen – Anxious, James – Loyal, Tom – Excitable, Ali – Theatrical, Isaac – Charming.

AMBY: Where did the name Longfellow come from, and what other names had you considered for the band?

Longfellow: It was the nickname Owen’s mother gave him as a child as he was strangely tall and obsessed with all things poetic. Something about it seemed to suit the band’s sound and we grew rather fond of it. Believe it or not, we toyed with ‘The Heartbreaks’ and manager Simon suggested ‘The Audacity’ many moons ago.

AMBY: The video for your new single Siamese Lover is clever, especially with that dark twist at the end. What inspired the story told throughout the video?

Longfellow: The song is about the duality of traditional relationships and the sacrifices we often are forced to make to maintain them. Director Steve Glashier had an original take on this and we were delighted to let his imagination run wild with it.

AMBY: What was the main point you wanted viewers to receive after watching it?

Longfellow: There should be no convention for modern day relationships. Don’t feel you have to live or love as a stereotype.

AMBY: What’s the craziest thing to happen to Longfellow at a show?

Longfellow: We’re a fairly tame bunch but I remember one night after a really great gig we managed to lose James who had drunkenly wandered onto a train heading to Newcastle instead of back to London with the rest of us.

AMBY: Which of your influences would you love to have a jam session with?

Longfellow: Nick Drake (if he was still with us), there’s something enchanting about the insightfulness of his lyrics and of course, his musicianship.

AMBY: You are allowed to say one sentence, which will reach the whole world. What would you say?

Longfellow: We’d probably panic and start flailing our arms before Tom did something weird like declaring his love for Nicolas Cage.

AMBY: What has you most excited for 2014?

Longfellow: It looks like we’ll be working with Ken Nelson (producer of Coldplay: ‘Parachutes’ & ‘A Rush of Blood to the Head’)! Our previous releases have been self-produced in our two bedroom flat so fingers crossed it’s going to be a huge step forward for us.

AMBY: Lastly, what’s something about Longfellow that nobody knows yet?

Longfellow: We have a sneaky suspicion that we’ll be playing a special show or two over the coming months… We know we’re teasing but all will be revealed soon.


Thank you Longfellow, for giving us your answers!

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