Concert Review: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ Le Trianon

Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubBack in March 2013, Specter At The Feast hadn’t even been released, yet, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club had played two mind-blowing gigs in a row in Paris. With the tour coming to an end, the band was back here to play in the very same venue – coming full circle.

Everything was different though. Rob warned the crowd about quite an unexpected choice: they would play their last album in its entirety and following the track list, from Fire Walker to Lose Yourself. Like a farewell to their past year on the road. If most of the crowd welcomed this with a warm applause, some others were less convinced to say the least. It is clear anyway that BRMC still enjoy taking some risks, even after mixed critics about their most recent songs.

The gig began on an atmospheric note as Fire Walker, Let The Day Begin, Returning and Lullaby succeeded to one another. Torn between patience and over-excitement, the crowd finally exploded when hearing I Hate The Taste and Rival, whose loud, powerful guitars electrified the air.

It quickly got back to calm though; with Specter At The Feast, BRMC experimented a deeper, melancholic sound, which proved to be a certain weakness on stage when played all at once. The beautiful Some Kind of Ghost and Funny Games clearly stood out of what appeared to be a long, long time when I couldn’t chose between emotion and a slight boredom.

Thankfully, the first notes of Beat The Devil’s Tattoo woke up the crowd who could finally jump and yell just as they wanted. Let the party really begin! Everyone sang wholeheartedly to the perfect Ain’t No Easy Way, Berlin and Conscience Killer, resonating through the old walls and even shaking the luster up there (or is this my imagination?).

After giving the sweaty yet exhausted crowd a little break with Screaming Guns and Rifles, the band triumphantly concluded their set with White Palms, Stop, and the mythical Spread Your Love. As an encore, Peter and Rob delivered two very emotional acoustic versions of Mercy and Shuffle Your Feet. In the end, Whatever Happened to My Rock ‘n’ Roll (Punk Song) gave Rob the occasion of mingling with the first rows.

During more than two hours, BRMC proved once again their absolute power on stage and their will to surprise the crowd with audacious or puzzling changes. So we can see them over and over again.

Cécile Vacuum-Cloud | @Ceciliness

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