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Seán Grant
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AMBY writer Gavin Watson once wrote a piece about Seán Grant’s song I Am The Devil and I absolutely fell in love with it the first time I heard the amazing tune. I am really glad I got to know Sean, because he doesn’t only perform brilliant tracks but is also a fantastic and funny person. In a recent interview I did with Seán, he told me about his plans for the future, his favourite release from 2013, his Dad, and more. Curious? You should be… Go ahead and have a read!

AMBY: Hi Seán, thanks a lot for speaking with AMBY! For those who don’t know you and your music please introduce yourself.

Seán: I’d love to. I’m a singer songwriter born in Northampton and front my own band “Sean Grant & The WolfGang” which I’d describe as story telling folk with bluesy roots, but with my own modern take on it.

AMBY: What have you been up to lately?

Seán: Released my first song as a free download from my website in December and sold out the single launch which was amazing, also got play listed by BBC Introducing and generally have received some great feedback and hype online. Now we’ve been planning our next release and music video, and booking some shows for later in the year.

AMBY: What’s the story behind your awesome song “I Am The Devil”?

Seán: I’m glad you think it’s awesome! It’s about a young boy growing up in London with an alcoholic father and abusive mother and how the abuse is justified by them because of the mother saying the child was the devil.

AMBY: Is there an EP or album in the works?

Seán: I’d absolutely love to bring out an album, and if I got the opportunity to I would jump at it. But plans at the moment will be another single in March, but who knows what the future holds.

AMBY: Who or what inspires you?

Seán: People and real life inspires me, my family history and old people I meet. I try and write songs that everyday people can relate to songs that tell a story and that engage you.

AMBY: What’s your favourite release from 2013?

Seán: I’m a huge Queens Of The Stone Age fan so their new album “Like Clockwork” was my favourite. People think being a folk player I’m not into anything heavier but it’s misleading as I certainly am!

AMBY: Outside of music, what do you do for fun?

Seán: I’m a very social type so I like going out dancing and I’m partial to a drink. I also enjoy good humour/ comedy so I like to have a laugh as much as possible. My dad’s a carpet fitter and on the odd occasion I’ll head out and help him fit some carpet too!

AMBY: If you could invite any three people (dead or alive) to dinner, who would be on your list and why?

Seán: Tom Waits, Daniel Day Lewis as these guys are my heroes and both really interesting characters. There Will Be Blood is one of my favourite films as well as Daniels role in Gangs Of New York as Bill The Butcher (I have him tattooed on my arm). Tom Waits as he is more than just the music, it’s the whole show the whole vibe, something I try to bring into The WolfGang.

Then someone who knows the secrets of the world and the universe! As I believe there are many, I find this subject very interesting and often go through fazes where I will read and watch documentaries for days on the subject.

AMBY: What are your plans for 2014?

Seán: Filming the next music video in February for the next single out in March, booking some shows up too, so hopefully we can get out and play some cool places, and then we’ll see where the year takes us.

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about Sean Grant that nobody knows yet?

Seán: Hard one as I’m quite open as a person. Interesting one though in the video “I Am The Devil” the referee is my Dad, keep it in the family huh!


Thank you Seán Grant, for giving us your answers!

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