Concert Review: American Authors and Cardinals @ The Mod Club

American Authors
Brooklyn-based group American Authors, who will be releasing their debut album Oh, What a Life this forthcoming Monday, played their first headlining gig at the Mod Club this past Wednesday, in Toronto. Opening for American Authors were a Niagara-based indie trio called Cardinals, who released their debut album Farther Than Love this past September.

About an hour before Cardinals were due to pump up the crowd, the electric atmosphere was in full swing – the bar was open, people were meeting and talking on the long couches located to the right of the club, and a group of eager fans were crowded around the front of the stage waiting for the band to come out and play. At the time, around less than half the room was packed.

More than hyped, Cardinals graced the stage. Levi (vocals) introduced the band which consisted of two others: Nathaniel (drums) and Myles (bass). Energy oozing out of them, they played a few crowd favourites off their album like Control, Is She Gone, and Throne. The trio ended their set with Farther Than Love, and invited fans to join them at the back of the room at their merchandise booth. The band had their own instruments which they played with ease, and Nathaniel, in numerous cases, juggled between the drums and other tiny instruments in perfect rhythm and synch. Cardinals’ enthusiasm and innocence will easily rub off on you, and you’ll find yourself getting lost to the beat of the drums/bass and smooth voice. When I had the chance to meet the trio at the end of their gig, they were openly talking with fans, signing autographs on scraps of paper, and taking posed pictures with every single fan that came up to them – and, trust me, there were a lot! These boys are definitely something to keep an eye on!

American Authors
After Cardinals disassembled their instruments and the American Authors’ instruments were set up, the room dimmed to pitch black eeriness. Turning around, I could see that the room was packed full and there was almost no space to sit. Smoke lifted from the back of the stage where their logo hung, and as Dave, Matt and James entered onto the stage, they were met with exceptionally loud screams and claps. Seconds later, Zac ran out onto the stage, and before you know it, they started their set. To start off their gig, American Authors played some old favourites from their EP, like Believer, Luck, and Home. In addition, they covered Florida Georgia Line’s Cruise and played new songs off their upcoming album. At one point, Zac lowered himself onto the edge of the stage and asked a giddy fan to sing something. American Authors were full of energy – Matt banging away on the drums, Dave plucking the bass, James playing the banjo or guitar, and Zac singing his heart out to the crowd. More than an hour later, American Authors ended their set, only to come out for another song after the crowd screamed and urged for an encore. On a happy note, they told the crowd they’d see them at the back of the room where their merchandise booth was set.

American Authors
The crowd rushed to the back of the room – whether it was the exit or to Cardinals or American Authors – to get the chance to see their musical favourites or leave before the out-pour of people occurred. As mentioned above, the Cardinals were extremely friendly, and were laughing along and joking with their fans. Then, Zac, Matt and Dave came out to pose for pictures. Fans had the opportunity to talk to the guys for a couple of seconds before getting their photograph and/or autograph. Zac was extremely happy and joyful (as he always is), and he introduced himself to every single fan, and thanked them for coming out that night.  The whole night was perfect and one to remember for eternity. Rush to your nearest ticket retailer if American Authors are coming to your city and you don’t have tickets to see them.

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Review by Julia Goleva (@kaeiros) | Photos by Alicia Atout (@AliciaAtout)

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