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The KhanzA Music Blog, Yea?

It just so happens we have music!

We are The Khanz, a Sydney-based four piece. A muddle of raunchy, angst-driven, ADHD-fuelled individuals … yeah, we get excited way too easily.

Someone once said we are “like Vampire Weekend, if you shoved a kettle cord up their ass and plugged it into the wall”.  Our songs have been likened to a Kraken (“It rises from an agitated abyss of emotion like a Kraken”), while others have insisted that it makes you want to “drink some beers, pop some disco biscuits and head off on jaunt down the seafront”.

Our live shows are quite frantic. We love to dance and enjoy ourselves thoroughly. If you come to one of our gigs, prepare to have a good time because thats what live music is about. Hopefully we get over to you in the near future to have a dance and frollick with all you lovely Canadians and blogging enthusiasts!

We write about issues that effect us, so hopefully you can take your own understanding from the songs. Our latest single “Deerhunter” is a dancey little number. It’s been described as “A tale of the confusion experienced by young people going through sexual self-discovery”.

With many new songs flowing out of our little studio, and with EPs/Album’s/Videoclips/Gigs coming on the horizon, this is going to be an interesting year.

Come and join us! We love anyone who is passionate about music.

Lots of love,

The Khanz


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