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Good afternoon, AMBY readers! We’d like everyone to meet our newest obsession, Owlle. An electro-pop French singer, Owlle has been compared to the likes of Likke Li, Bat for Lashes, and Grimes with her unique brand of dark, shadowy, synth-pop. Her debut full-length album FRANCE was released on January 20th, and you can stream the entire album on Nylon Magazine now. After the release, A Music Blog, Yea? caught up with Owlle to discuss the new album, wandering around Paris, and performing with Boy George.

AMBY: Thanks for speaking with us today, Owlle. What have you been up to lately?

Owlle: Thanks to you. The past few weeks have been rather busy with the release of my debut album, promotion and all. It really is an exciting time for me! I’ve been rehearsing my live show, been on the road playing shows in France, Holland, Scandinavia, Brazil and there’s a lot more to come. And just yesterday, I debuted the video for my new single “Don’t lose it” directed by SAILOR LVNE. There’s so much going on lately and I love it!

AMBY: You’ve been compared to the likes of Likke Li, Bat for Lashes, and Grimes. How would you describe your sound to those unfamiliar with your music?

Owlle: These are very flattering comparisons!  When I started music I was actually listening to a lot of female artists like Bat for Lashes and, indeed, Lykke Li was one of them. They inspire me and I don’t feel too distant to the way they approach music.. As for describing my music, I’m not too fond of categorizations, I write and I’m a singer before anything else. I write pop songs. ‘Dream Pop’ could nail it a bit more precisely maybe for there’s something melancholic and dreamy in the lyrics but the music itself you can easily dance to it! Imagine yourself eyes closed on a dance floor..There, you’re getting close! It reflects what I am and how I think actually. I’m constantly day dreaming!

AMBY: We must say congratulations on the release of your debut album FRANCE! What’s the response to the LP been like so far?

Owlle: Merci!! It took me quite a while to complete it, few years ago I’d won this contest for new musicians, it was great but all of a sudden, the spotlight was on me, expectations were that I’d come up with an album overnight although, by then, I was simply armed with a few demos and not really a definite direction…I didn’t want to surrender to that artificial pressure and rush for the sake of rushing though. Recording your first album is so very special in all aspects, there’s the inexperience, the huge excitement, impatience, discovery, mistakes, terror sometimes (who’s going to care?) but most of all, joy. And fun too!

So when FRANCE was released a month ago, I was anxious that people would think that I’d taken to long, that I’d possibly disappoint, but I have to say that response so far is quite nice! In France and beyond, I see interest rises in places in the world I’d never imagined or thought I could reach; I’m receiving messages from so many countries! What makes me smile is that people seem to have a hard time deciding what category to put me in…which I’m plenty happy with!

AMBY: What’s your favorite memory from the writing and recording process?

Owlle: When we started recording drums for the song “FOG” I felt a very strong emotion, being in the studio with my musicians. It was finally real; I thought to myself that I was quite the lucky girl! All those recording and then mixing sessions, all of this was new to me, I enjoyed every moment of it! But another very strong moment was when we recorded a piano version of my song Silence with Christophe Chassol, a brilliant musician and arranger. Just him on the piano and me singing, it gave me goose bumps!

AMBY: Which songs off of FRANCE are your favourite?

Owlle: You can’t ask me to choose! There’s no filler to me on the album..Every single song tells a personal tale..So I hugely relate to them all. Some were more difficult than others to come together, be it lyrically or for their composition or production, but I’m proud of all of them. Didn’t do any compromise that I didn’t want. This album is mine, me, entirely. Well, eventually I’ll maybe feel more distant to some of the songs for I’ll evolve and transform, but it’d definitely too early to say!

AMBY: What’s the story behind your dark new single Ticky Ticky?

Owlle: The gimmick Ticky Ticky is like a prayer. I describe a bad love situation through a description of landscapes.

AMBY: Who are some bands you’d recommend our readers check out?

Owlle: Alpines, Trust, Little Dragon, Mo, Jabberwocky.

AMBY: What do you do for fun when you aren’t making music?

Owlle: I like wandering around in Paris with no special purpose, it’s a city I’m still discovering as I didn’t grow up there and discovering new places is fun! Well, I like shopping too; I’m a girl after all!

AMBY: If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

Owlle: Candidly and because I’m an idealist, that everyone can live with dignity and freedom of speech and action. What’s happening in Ukraine at the moment for example revolts me beyond words…dark ages.

AMBY: Who would you dream jam session be with?

Owlle: Frank Ocean!

AMBY: Lastly, tell us something about Owlle that no one knows yet.

Owlle: I performed Karma Chameleon with Boy George recently!


Thank you Owlle, for giving us your answers!

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