Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Morakoza

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The departure of a band member is not always a bad thing. Bands like Foals, The XX, and most famously Joy Division all continued onto greatness after the departure of a member; the latter changing their name to New Order and giving us the archetype for every synth laced indie band ever. Toronto four piece Morakoza are a fresh band that have risen from the ashes of Go Diana and added a completely new dynamic to their sound that keeps fans dancing and ears interested. I caught up with lead singer Dragan Maricic after the band dropped their first single Skeleton Hands to discuss how things are shaping up for Morakoza. Keep your ears and eyes on this band because they’re sure to blow up within the year.

AMBY: How did Go Diana end up becoming Morakoza?

Morakoza: Late last year our keyboardist Veronica Ing had announced that she planned to leave the band in good spirits. Between her announcement and the very last show we played for Indie Week in October, the three remaining members (Phil, Lukas and Dragan) decided to stick together and continue making music. After playing with a few different people we ran into Matt Vultaggio of PRGRSS at our last show and asked him if he’d be interested in jamming. He agreed to come in and toss a few ideas around and it felt natural to have him involved. He’s a very creative guitar player and we felt he could really push us above and beyond what we’d achieved before.

AMBY: What will be different this time around?

Morakoza: Lots. Along with the name change comes a new sound, a new set of goals, a new work ethic… A new everything, really. What we can say right now is that we’re trying to make the new material a little darker and more lush by drawing on some more diverse influences. Overall, the music’s a bit more serious but we’re still all about having a good time and getting people dancing so in that sense the original Go Diana spirit is alive.

AMBY: You traded a synth player for a guitarist. How does that change your sound?

Morakoza: It’s definitely already added an extra dimension to the music. The two-guitar format has lots of opportunities to make really neat textures that we haven’t used in the past. Plus, Phil is now playing synth as well as bass so that part hasn’t really been lost and is going to be implemented in a different capacity. It’s all additions to the sound rather than swapping and we’re very excited about it.

AMBY: Any plans on releasing music in 2014?

Morakoza: We’ve already released our first single entitled “Skeleton Hands” that is available for free on BandCamp. Our plan is to steadily release new material throughout the new year. We’re constantly writing and recording so it’s only natural to keep putting out new stuff as it comes. The whole approach right now is to treat each song release as a project and event all on its own so that it’s always exciting for our audience, current, and potential.


Thank you Morakoza, for giving us your answers!

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