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Technicolor Hearts
Hello AMBY readers,

We are a musical duo from Austin, Texas that features Naomi Cherie on violin, vocals and various sound effects and Joseph Salazar on piano, synths, guitar and drum machines.  We don’t really fit into a genre so we like to call ourselves ‘arts and crafts pop.’

We just released an EP called ‘Under The Big Blue Umbrella Sky’ which you can hear here.  And we also have a new music video, which we snuck into a 1920’s art deco mausoleum in Oklahoma City to make.

At our live shows we strive to create a memorable, audience interactive performance art based experience. Sometimes we use balloons, confetti, candles, lights and string and to create a fun sensory atmosphere. We like to make the audience a part of the performance and get them to sing to fill in the space in the choruses.

We travel around the country, just the two of us in a little car and perform everywhere from big venues to tiny house concerts and parks so we can share our music and meet all sorts of interesting people.  This spring we are touring the west coast with our dog Amadeus Joy, a 75 pound Weimaraner! Someday we hope we can make it to Cananda!


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