You’ve GOT to Hear This: Kowalski – “Outdoors”

In need of a song with some light and joyful spring vibes? Check out Outdoors by Kowalski. This song is actually somewhat older but I would only bring it back up for AMBY readers because I think it’s completely worth it. I remember back in the day during my teenage angst years (I may or may not have actually been a teenager…) and just a leaf falling could make me cry; I would always listen to this song and it would instantly make me feel happy. I feel like Outdoors makes the world a-ok. It would have been a great soundtrack for Lord of the Rings when all the hobbits are happy in the Shire! All jokes aside — in general, this song has a smooth, relaxing, happy sound to it, and who doesn’t want to be happy? So take my advice and soak up the sun by checking out this song!

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Tiffany Lee | @t4nee

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