Getting Cozy With: Teen Commandments

Teen Commandments

Hi AMBY, you young visionaries!

We’re Teen Commandments, a “music band” from Williamsburg, World. We like to make music that makes you sweat joy, but we’re pretty sure the world is ending. Does that make sense?The band started when Nick and I, who are roommates, decided to submit a song to the Brooklyn Brewery songwriting contest. After we won, the brewery sent us to Sweden, and a band was born. Frankly, I think every band should kick off with a Euro-tour.

We’re now a four piece, making music at a voracious pace in the bowels of Brooklyn. American Special is our new single, a synth-pop meditation on mediocrity in America, or wherever. I think David Byrne got it right in True Stories: Astronauts aren’t reading poetry anymore. Does that make sense?

Anyway, thank you so much for listening AMBY! We hope you’ll come catch a show the next time you’re in Brooklyn!

Yours truly,


Teen Commandments


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