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King ColourHey AMBY readers, we’re an indie rock foursome from Sydney, and when we’re not bashing each other up over beautiful girls at bars we’re making music. We started jamming sometime last year, about a year after we finished school together. After many band-bonding sessions and a lot of record-sharing, we uncovered a band-wide love for 60’s rock and roll. The Beatles, Beach Boys, Animals, Doors, Jimi, Monkees, Zombies, Kinks, but also the lesser-known garage stuff like the Electric Prunes and the Thirteenth Floor Elevators from the Nuggets compilations. As lame as it sounds, band practices are probably the highlight of our week (when we don’t have a gig) and we pride ourselves on delivering nothing less than a RIDICULOUS live set.

We’re also constantly pumping out new demos and ideas, recording in different rooms at each other’s houses. Our first single ‘Break The Ice’ is OUT NOW, a summery, Beach Boys-y cheeseball of a song, with a video of us failing to pick up girls at a bar – resulting in band tension and escalating violence. Good thing is we all know how to fake fight now, which comes in handy when we have real band arguments. We have a pocket full of sweet tunes ready to follow up right through 2014, so please have a listen to our tunes.


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Alicia Atout | @AliciaAtout

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