You’ve GOT to Hear This: Young Dreams – “Fog of War”

Young Dreams
When thinking of my favourite song arrangements, Band on the Run by Wings is the first song that comes to mind. The initial time I heard Band on the Run my mind was blown. As cheesy as it sounds, I’ve never heard a song have so many various components which flowed into each other so perfectly. The reason I bring this up? Since hearing that song, I haven’t come across another that has that same astonishing effect on me… until I heard Young Dream’s Fog of War.

Although an early 2013 release, this song is completely worth bringing up today. The band from Bergen, Norway were interviewed by AMBY last year and we haven’t stopped listening to them since. The track opens with rumbling drums as lyrics “I am all that I am” fly over. And then at a quick thirty-one seconds when you might think the song is just beginning, a change in progression flawlessly hits and the chorus begins. The chorus carries bouncy basslines and whimsical strings over an atmosphere full of life.

Then comes the second verse— it’s easy to state that this is my favourite part of the song. Even though the whole track is packed full of little songwriting delights, the moment I love the most has to do with the vocals in this verse. Their vocalist’s voice stretches its range and shows the slightest intentional, endearing strain as he sings “this place is not, not you.” It’s a lovely moment in the song which makes it all the more exceptional and unique.

Fog of War holds a striking middle-eight which shows off Young Dreams’ vocal marvel. The vocals warp themselves into a strong, unified burst of harmonies to create a wonderful moment of musical bliss. The harmonies are some of the tightest and unified ones we’ve heard. Shortly afterwards, the middle-eight completes itself with beautiful ethereal cries and echoed “Athena”s which are sure to put you in a trance. Then comes the final chorus of the song which holds more power than any other point in Fog of War as it fades out with tender strings.

There are so many different components and sections to Fog of War, but the way they are put together is exceptional. So, if you want to hear a song that is guaranteed to make you listen in awe, you’ve GOT to hear our Song of the Day!

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