You’ve GOT To See This: CIRQUS – “Drifting Tide”


Drifting Tide, the latest single from Brighton two-piece CIRQUS, is this beautiful, beguiling little thing that hums and kicks around in your brain for a long while after it’s faded out. This is in no small part thanks to a nifty wee haunter of a flute sample and some ghostly, reverb-heavy vocals that might’ve had you drifting off into blissful sleep if it weren’t for the relentless beat begging your feet to tap. Next time you’re on iPod duties at a party and you want to bask in the smug glow of playing something great that no-one else has heard before, give this a spin and soak up the compliments. But also don’t forget to link everyone to the band’s Facebook page. The video, created by emerging talent Sam Gainsborough, is sublime, spooky and atmospheric, as is his previous work with Bayy and Gringo Star (which you should most definitely find and watch immediately.) For now you can view his latest creation in all its space-age, nautical nonsense below.

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Tom Klar | @tom_klar

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