Concert Review: Franz Ferdinand @ The Zénith de Paris

Franz FerdinandFranz Ferdinand are one of the very first bands I got into as a teenager, and whose songs were playing on repeat on my little CD player. I was 12 when their first album came out and ten years later, it still is one of my favourite records. Each Franz Ferdinand gig feels to me like a Proust madeleine that instantly brings back delightful memories of that time. So yes, I was pretty excited.

Wishing to turn the page on these past, troubled years when the band’s future sounded quite uncertain, the Scottish quartet seemed urged to give life to Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action. Franz Ferdinand still got envy and determination. This is what you can see when they step on stage in front of a packed venue and begin their set shooting their Bullet to the crowd, making them instantly jump and sing its heady chorus.

This sets the atmosphere for the night: it’s all about dancing, grooving and screaming like there’s no tomorrow. The band quickly goes back in time and plays some classic songs of theirs: The Dark of the Matinée is brilliant; Tell Her Tonight makes us goes wild. Do You Want To completely blows everyone’s mind with an incredible buildup that sounds out of this world. We’re all knocked out – and it’s only 9.30.

While guitars sounded raw during the first half of the set, Franz Ferdinand softens the mood with more of a disco vibe on Stand on the Horizon, as a big yellow sun overhangs the stage. The new version of Can’t Stop Feeling is another highlight of the evening, offering groovy bass solos while Alex Kapranos’s low voice resonates through the venue before subtly slipping into No Your Girls. If they’re not standards yet, their latest compositions Evil Eye or Right Action meet with great success as the crowd knows the lyrics by heart.

And when you think it couldn’t be better, Franz Ferdinand reach a whole new level of awesomeness with Michael, followed by their absolute anthem Take Me Out. The crowd then explodes, jumps, sings on top of its lungs. Boys, girls, one body, one soul. Alex and Nick enjoy without restraint jumping around. No time off when Love Illumination, This Fire and Ulysses vigorously conclude the set. Jacqueline gives the chills during the encore before the band leaves us with Goodbye Lovers and Friends, adding a bit of nostalgia to a euphoric night. Franz Ferdinand can still conquer the world with so much love and generosity.

Cécile Vacuum-Cloud | @Ceciliness

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