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OCEAN CALLINGA Music Blog, Yea?! It’s so wonderful to make your acquaintance!

My name is Sophie, and as Ocean Calling, I write sparkling songs for adventure, love, and light. I am inspired by quiet magic, by sunlight through dust and sunbeams through trees. All those sun-drenched elsewheres. My songs all tell the same story; one of an incurable case of wanderlust, and of the distance between me and the place I probably never should have left.

Musically, I find my inspiration in the wildly wonderful sparkling sounds of Vancouver Sleep Clinic, the mysteriously melodious Active Child, and the ever ethereal and endlessly cinematic M83. I try to write glittering, glimmering, dream-pop, heavy on the swirling synths and layered vocals.

I recently released my latest track, Desert Sky Scarlet, together with it’s music video, which was shot on a somewhat spontaneous 6,000 escapade across the states, over snow-capped mountains and salt flats; we drove through forests and through mist and down dusty desert roads.

Next, I’ll be releasing Pine Spires, sometime in the late spring, and then, I am going to go play in some waterfalls… or maybe I will run away on my bicycle!

Thank you so much for reading – it is endlessly appreciated. I really hope I get to explore Canada some day soon. Magic and light your way!


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