Concert Review: Houndmouth @ The Horseshoe Tavern

For a relatively new band, Houndmouth takes their sudden rise to fame with a grain of salt. It’s like watching Guns n’ Roses before the idea of popularity sunk in and money, drugs, and personal differences tore them apart in one of the messiest band break-ups in history. Of course, Houndmouth is its own case, and are no where near break-up status. (God I hope I didn’t just jinx things).

Regardless of the state of the band, the group opened to a pretty large crowd at the Horseshoe Tavern on Wednesday night, which in itself is a testament to the large following they’ve garnered in Toronto, although you shouldn’t judge a band by their fans (I will forever despise the girl who said “Macy’s is, like, the world’s biggest store!” and there is a certain disdain for the group who didn’t even know who the band was they were watching.)

Toronto was a stop of their most recent tour, zig-zagging all over the US, and the music seems reminiscent of a life spent on the road. There was a moment of technical difficulties and a hassler followed by some church organ sounds and some heavy guitar. It’s the kind of music I expect to hear on the radio during a road trip, and I was transported to the prairie, or the “middle,” those in-between states that no one really cares about (and the band’s from Indiana, so no I’m not including them in that. But no offense, middle states.)

The traditional rock held it’s own little twist, with the use of electric piano and all the glorious sounds an electric piano can create. The music itself was saved from being too all-boy-band-country-rock by the delicate on stage presence of Katie Toupin, who seemed to add a level of approachability to the group, balancing them out. The charisma of the group itself was infectious, and it’s exciting to see a band able to handle a large crowd. We’ll see where their energy and personality take their fun, nostalgic music.

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Review by Emily Fox (@foxyfoxe) | Photos by Fiona Parks (@fionaparks)

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