Gimme Your Answers: A Video Interview w/ The Neighbourhood

The Neighbourhood
On Saturday night, California five-piece The Neighbourhood played to a packed house as screaming fans and NBHD lovers united together in Toronto. With a line already out the door by 1pm (keep in mind that doors were at 7pm), it was evident that The Neighbourhood have conjured up an extremely tight fanbase here in Toronto. Whether there as a true fan, admirer of their hit single Sweater Weather, as a girl who wanted to reach out towards the stage with dreams of coupling with a member — or all of the above!– everyone celebrated The Neighbourhood’s infectious and wondrous music at The Sound Academy that night.

Ahead of the concert, I was lucky enough to have sat down with The Neighbourhood’s outgoing and charismatic Jesse Rutherford and Zach Abels to discuss their black and white aesthetic, bras on stage, being Drake for a day, and how the ladies can get their attention. Watch the video below:

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