Musical Lotteries

A couple of weeks ago I decided to sift through songs to see what I could find about the lotto, or lotteries, in music. My personal preferences tend to swing towards the metal genre and musicals, but to me, that was a fight lost in advance. Witches and leprechauns are hotter there, so I turned to youtube and several lyric sites, checking whether I might find anything I could enjoy.

The amount of songs I found took me by surprise. It took days to move between the different options, choosing, trying to decide what could work better and what was likely to not be it. I’m proud to present three lottery related songs that I hope you’d enjoy as much as I did.

The Crimea – Lottery Winners on Acid

If she gets a black eye, I wanna black eye
If she gets a splinter, I wanna splinter too
If she gets arrested, I want arrested
If she goes trippin’, I go falling over
We walk through the streets like lottery winners on acid

I have to admit, this one was suggested to me directly by AMBY’s Alicia. I’d never heard of it before, but within the first minute I was taken by the music. “Lottery Winners on Acid” is a love song that has absolutely nothing to do with the lottery itself, but the ballad is a powerful one, speaking through the lyrics about the kind of falling in love that is so powerful that it is akin to a drug induced state of pure happiness and bliss.

Brandy Clark – Pray to Jesus

Don’t wanna be buried in debt or in sin / So we pray to Jesus and we play the lotto
Cause there ain’t but two ways / We can change tomorrow
And there ain’t no genie / And there ain’t no bottle
So we pray to Jesus and we play the lotto

A soft and lovely country song, Brandy’s voice takes you to new heights, sifting you through the gentle tunes. It’s a simple song that touches all the feels, and by the second time the chorus comes around you’re clapping your hands and singing along, praying to Jesus, and playing the lotto.

Narry Nilsson – The Lottery Song

You could do the laundry / I’ll come by on Monday
You give me the money / I will buy a ticket
On the local lottery / We could win the lottery
We could go to Vegas / And be very happy

This song was suggested to me by a friend. To be honest, I almost disqualified it instantly. It’s nothing personal – I just hate doing the laundry. With a passion. But once I got over my bias and gave the song a true shot, it was obvious it had to be on this list. How could anyone disagree with what Narry Nilsson has to say? Oh loo loo, life is just a gamble, gamble if you want to win. When the song is so pleasant, you can only smile and nod your head in agreement.

Even if you hate the doing the laundry.

And Last but Not Least…

This sweet and on the spot improvised song about the Mega Millions, and what the singer would do if he were to win. No need for words – enjoy!

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