Song of the Day: Dr. Piffle and the Burlap Band – “Chest To Chest”

Dr Piffle & The Burlap Band
Trying to explain this collection of humans hailing from Adelaide can be tricky to those whom haven’t experienced one of their shows before. And one could easily stumble down a ramble rabbit hole usually entailing sentences such as “ pirates but on land, with all the stomping, bit of shouting and all the hair. And a boot on a stick”. But HAZZAH! Here is a tasty little video of the Australian twelve piece – yes, twelve – for Chest To Chest from album number one, Sirius San And The Promised Land. Like a quick swig straight out of the bottle, the clip gives you a taste of their rum-fuelled sea shanty folk ruckus sound/show that gets it way to right. So now you can see and hear what everyone has been babbling on about and put your own collection of descriptive words together. 10/10 sweaty hairy boot stomps. Enjoy!

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[vimeo id=”84750351″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

Courtney Duka | @CourtneyMayDuka

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