Concert: Lake Street Dive @ The Horseshoe

Recovering from a bout of food poisoning (which sucks, by the way, if you’ve never had it), I sat at the back of the Horseshoe Tavern on Friday night trying to contain my nausea before I stepped out into the crowd to force my way to the front in order to take photos of Lake Street Dive. I warned people that I was prepared to vomit on them if they didn’t move and, wouldn’t you know, they gave me some space.

Lake Street Dive took the stage after a uproarious chanting of “LSD! LSD!” which made the band laugh as I’m not sure they were aware that their band’s name stands for acid. The crowd was extremely pleased.

Fresh off an appearance on the Colbert Report (and Ellen!) the band took their 10 years of experience and played a very long and very excellent set, featuring quite a few songs from their new record, Bad Self Portraits while several of the (elderly) contingent complained of too much bass. Rachael Price, lead vocalist, still has a masterful amount of control over her voice, and can lead the band in many different genre directions and does so when on stage. She has perfected what is known as the glottal stop, which sounds really dirty I know. The combination of indie pop, jazz, and soul provides the band with a varied amount of sound in their music, subsequently resulting in an equally varied amount of music they can generate, and after 10 years together it’s obvious they are here to stay.

Emily Fox | @foxyfoxe

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