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Victory KicksHello AMBY, how are you, greetings from a stormy and freezing cold London. It’s nice to meet you… We’re called Victory Kicks, we’ve been writing and recording songs and putting them out for just over a year now. Everything we do is home recorded, it means we can record lots of songs relatively quickly – since we started this last Spring we’ve released a bunch of EP’s and singles and we recently released our debut album which is called The Decibel Age which has been really exciting. The idea behind the band is that we want to make as much music as possible, of course it’s great if other people like listening to it but the key thing for us is just to work hard and to keep writing and recording as much as possible.

In terms of how we sound, we try to write catchy, short, melodic rock/pop songs. Favorite bands include Wilco, Guided by Voices, Yo La Tengo, R.E.M, The Replacements and Grandaddy among others – those bands are definitely big influences, hopefully we don’t sound too much like any one of them though.

Since we put out The Decibel Age album we’ve been working hard on a couple of new records, those will be finished quite soon so look out for them – one is called Emergency Noise, the other we’re thinking of calling The Young Flood. Everything we release can be streamed on our website and generally we have record out every few months so if you get in to our music there’s always something new on the horizon. We have a new single out next week, it’s called Junior Code Course and it’s taken from the album, help yourselves to a download of that for free here.

Anyway, thanks so much for reading this. Hopefully we’ll make it big and get to come to Canada one day. Until then.


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