You’ve GOT to Hear This: Katy B – “Little Red”

Katy B
Katy B is a South London Dubstep-Pop princess who is another of the famous BRIT school Alumini (Adele, Jessie J, Kate Nash, Imogen  Heap, Amy Whinehouse) who has charted in at number 1 with her second album Little Red. For those of you who instantly dismiss this as being pop-garbage, hold on a minute and give this incredibly inventive piece of work a listen. She rose to fame back in 2011 when her debut work  On A Mission and work with London Dubstep group Magnetic Man saw her profile rise within British music media. On the cusp of this was her work with pirate radio station Rinse FM who showcase Londons biggest underground Dance producers, where long-term collaborator Geeneus also stems from.

Little Red mainly revolves around a night a club from a female perspective which includes all aspects like; having a few too many glasses of wine, the drama of it all, the tears and euphoria of it all. Take lead single 5am which is all about arriving at the start of your night, spotting that person and wanting to spend all night/morning with them as Katy coolly coo’s “I need your lovin’ like Vallium”. What fascinating me the most was the track Aliyah, an insight into the female tactical play when it comes to men in a club. Crying for no reason sees Katy B get out a modern Pop-ballad about wanting to be strong on the inside and breaking down.

Over all of this is the superior production quality that Katy’s links bring to the record that really light a match and  throw it on a car full of gas and doused in gasoline. It’s an explosion of electro tumping drums, basslines that wonk in the right place and bass that’s so precisely in your face that it might as well be offering you a cup of tea, when your gasping for one. This is a master-class record for any young aspiring popstar that the writing is only half the battle and having an incredible producer(s) is essential. I can’t praise highly enough that the work of Geeneus on this record

Overall it’s an album that’s you can relate to and stands on it’s on two feet proud to be different, fierce and afraid to take risks in a Pop Market filled with Poop. Make this an album an essential for your weekend, it’ll get the party started and flowing so much that the actual night will be a let down in comparison.

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Richard Samuel | @rich_dbno

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