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Michael FitchHowdy, AMBY, Canada and readers/listeners worldwide!

I’m Michael Fitch and I’m writing this missive (is that really a word?) from the less-than-cozy confines of my day job cubicle in fair Philadelphia.  It’s been a long, long winter here (too long for this transplanted southerner)…but, today the sun is out, the weather is agreeable and music is on my mind!

That being said, I’d like to invite you to listen some of the songs that I’ve written and recorded, especially my latest album, “Life In Mondegreen”.  Most of my music can be categorized as lyrical, indietronica…but there are lots of other genres in play as well.  Ideally, I’d roll Duane Allman, Jeff Buckley, Edie Brickell, The Afghan Whigs, Jamiroquai, Land of Talk, Doves and Mew into a big ball and call it “Michael Fitch”, but that’s something i may spend the rest of my life pursuing—likely to never secure in sound.  Lofty aspirations, I know…but, worth attempting.  Otherwise, what’s the point in it all?

Right now, I’m looking forward to writing a new EP (hopefully, by summertime), playing some shows locally and expanding the ol’ fanbase.  Maybe we could meet someday?  I’d like that.  Oh, do you babysit, by any chance?

-Michael Fitch


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