Concert Review + Photos: Brody Dalle @ The Leadmill

Brody Dalle
Hey. You remember The Distillers right? The L.A punk rock band? (if not check out their album Coral Fang from 2003). They were one of the bands that were always better live than on record. You will remember Brody Dalle, or again maybe not because it has after all been eight years since they officially called it a day. So it was a surprise when she announced a début solo album on Twitter in 2013:

Well the album, Diploid Love has duly appeared and will feature I’m sure on many a “best of” list at the end of the year. However, touring the album is another thing. Especially when that tour is your first solo tour. Indeed, the first few songs are, which include the marvellously titled “Meet The Foetus/ O The Joy” gain a lukewarm welcome from the Leadmill crowd. An hour later though and they are buzzing. Dalle has captured them. The connection came when she put down her guitar and simply picked up the mic and did a Distillers back catalogue. Things change in eight years. However, glad to say that the energy, belief, and youthful exuberance is still there. She is ridiculously cool and has an edginess you could cut with a knife. Of the new songs from Diploid Love, Dalle’s anguished voice is help by commercial melodies. Whilst Rat Race and Don’t Mess With Me show that eight years have not softened her. Hey, Brody, eight years is too long: let’s see you again sooner than that eh?

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