Exclusive Video Premiere: Bedroom – “We All Need Something”

We last featured Noah Kittinger’s one man band Bedroom last November as we caught up with an older track “In My Head”. That review sparked renewed interest in the track with it being played by Nemone on BBC 6Music, who also drew attention to the AMBY post. Now Noah is back with a new album “Grow” from which we are premiering the video for lead track “We All Need Something”, featuring Jade Lawhon.

The track is a laid back affair, drifting dreamily over its 6 minutes with gentle guitar and detached vocals overlaying chilled but uplifting beats. Although finished a few months ago you can see why they might have delayed release until now as this really could be the soundtrack to any number of lazy summer days. And the video captures that mood perfectly. Directed by South African Roberto Colombo it features teens generally hanging out doing what teens do – skating, swimming, letting sparks fly – all set against some stunning scenes of the rural American South.

Noah describes the song as about being distracted from bigger pictures in life – that we all need something to keep us from reality, from the future, from thinking. He’s called the album “Grow” because for him it’s a very personal record about growth, development, accepting change and reality, maturing – just all the stuff he was going through during its recording.

The album is released on the Furious Hooves label (on vinyl and cassette) on May 20th. Full track list below.

1. Being Hunted
2. Grow
3. Nothing Lasts
4. Move Forward
5. We All Need Something (feat. Jade Lahwon)
6. Hurry, Get up
7. Drift Away (feat. Jade Lawhon)
8. Hide
9. End.

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