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Macedo  Macedo, a Los Angeles indie pop duo, is comprised of twins Michelle (vocals, guitar, keys, songwriter) and Melissa Macedo (vocals, violin, songwriter). Macedo released their new Paper Doll EP on February 4th of 2014 (available for purchase now on iTunes) and have released a new video for their single Your Skin since. We recently caught up with the “feisty” and “classic” sisters to discuss favourite tracks, being twins, rapping contests, and something dark and polarizing.

AMBY: Thanks for speaking with us today Macedo! What have you been up to lately?

Macedo: Thanks for having us. We just released a new music video for our single “Your Skin” via PureVolume and had a ton of fun working on it. We are writing as always and currently planning out a tour. We have so many songs but we really want to get out there and perform these new ones.

AMBY: How would you describe each other in one word?

Melissa:Michelle is …..feisty”

Michelle:Melissa is…..classic”

AMBY: What’s the story behind your effortless new song Your Skin?

Macedo: Each verse is actually about a different relationship. Michelle is the lyricist of the group for the most part and we wanted to set up a specific scene. We wanted to capture the details of each situation the best we could by setting it up as a narrative. The chorus of the song was inspired by a Maya Angelou poem called “Communication II” that we love. In it she is speaking to another woman about how much she hates to lose. It is such a beautiful poem and was so honest that I decided to write the chorus like I am speaking to the person.

AMBY: When it came to creating a concept for the track’s new video, what was its inspiration?

Macedo: We wanted something dark and polarizing to illuminate the world we trap ourselves in when a relationship is ending. A world that is so dark and full of feelings that you hold on to keep the relationship going. All of the physical objects in the video represent the emotional hoarding that we experience for the sake of preventing change. Visually, we were specifically inspired by a “Vogue Italy” shoot that a friend found and sent to us. That’s how we came up with the pink and black color scheme.

AMBY: Having released your Paper Doll EP in February, what’s the response to the EP been like so far?

Macedo: We are so excited about the response it’s gotten. It has been so positive and gracious. We always love to hear when people connect with our music. We’ve gotten some amazing and truly flattering reviews. Just to know people connect makes it all worth it.

AMBY: Which songs off the EP are your personal favourites?

Michelle: My personal favorite is “AMAZING” because it is so close to me. I felt so inspired while writing that song.

Melissa: My personal favorite is the track “PAPER DOLL” because I feel like it captures the feeling so accurately and truthfully.

AMBY: Do you find the dynamics of being identical twin sisters makes working together easier, or do you butt heads more often because of it?

Macedo: It’s definitely a little of both. Because we are twins there is an unrivaled connection. But ALSO, because of that, we can sometimes butt heads. Either way, we think it’s more positive than anything else.

AMBY: What was your first concert experience like? Did it have an impact on your music?

Macedo: Our first concert experience was Creedence Clearwater Revival at this fair. It was funny because we have grown up listening to all kinds of music and we hadn’t even thought about what these songs were like live. It really hit us that these guys were just great musicians and songwriters who loved performing. It definitely motivated us to keep going.

AMBY: What has you most excited for the rest of 2014?

Macedo: We are most excited about playing these songs live! We can’t wait to start our tour and go out and share these songs with everyone.

AMBY: Lastly, what’s something about Macedo that nobody knows yet?

Macedo: Michelle won a rapping contest once. Melissa was student body president for three years in high school.


Thank you Macedo, for giving us your answers!

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