Concert Review + Photos: Tove Lo @ The Drake Underground

Tove Lo
The power of the internet still amazes me sometimes. Tove Lo, had never been to Canada, doesn’t technically have a full length album out, but with over millions of hits on her singles on YouTube and her songs on Songza playlists, she sold out The Drake on a Monday night.

Another Swedish pop export, Tove Lo is a welcome addition to a vastly talented roster, to which I think there can never be enough of. I’m only one of many that feel this way — with the Underground packed to the brim, everyone was so pumped — there were more selfies happening than I’ve ever seen at a concert, and dancing to the in-between set music, like it was the main attraction. Tove Lo came out at a modest 9:50pm, a four piece, with two drummers, on either side of the stage, a synth player in back center and the lovely Tove front and center. Tove cites some of her major influences as female punk musicians Courtney Love and Bikini Kill which is extremely apparent in her stage presence and naked, frank lyrics. Sometimes there’s nothing more beautiful in music than marrying the blunt, despair filled lyrics of a broken heart, with an infectious dance tune — the song in turn makes itself hopeful. An excellent example of this is her single Habits (Stay High). With lyrics we can all relate to: “I drank up all my money, tasted kind of lonely, you’re gone and I got to stay high”, which had her almost hoarsely crying out to the chorus, and the entire crowd singing along.

Tove Lo fed off the energy of the crowd, almost bashful and so utterly grateful, she kept thanking us profusely, like she wasn’t giving us the gift of a flawless performance. Her voice is pitch perfect, and even lovelier live, than any recording or production could ever give to it.

Tove ripped through her catalog of heartbreak filled songs, and one single one “about happy love” – Not on Drugs, the set ended before 10:30; the crowd, too amped up from dancing to even think of stopping, begging for more, and no material for an encore even. When Tove Lo returns, to a much larger venue and crowd, it will be her encore.

For an interview with Tove Lo, click here.

Review by Lauren Morocco (@LaurenMorocc) | Photos by Ashley Tredenick (@Ashleytredenick)

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