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The Wooden Sky
A Music Blog, Yea? recently had the opportunity of sitting down with The Wooden Sky‘s Gavin Gardiner. Read the interview below to learn about name changes, touring extensively, Toronto, and their new album…

AMBY: So how long ago was it that the band changed the name?

G: A while ago.

AMBY: Why did you do the name change?

G: It almost seemed like a different band. When we first started playing together it was just a college band and we just had a name that fit that. After the first record we talked about changing it and, at the time, we had this manager who convinced use not to, and then we were like “Fuck this, let’s just change it.” When we first did it it drew so much attention to the name, I ended up thinking “I don’t even like The Wooden Sky!” Band names just suck in general.

AMBY: So other than name changes, the line up of the band has changed a lot over the years; people go off and join other bands. Is that hard?

G: No. We’ve had the same line up now for a long time, but you know, people change, people’s priorities change. I still have a good relationship with most of the members. We’re really a band, you know? Like some people just play but we’re really a band.

AMBY: What do you mean by that?

G: Oh, you know, like everybody’s committed, everyone’s focused. Which I think is very cool. Some people just do it as a solo project and hire the band, but everyone is in the band and do things outside the band.

AMBY: Some of your members have been in some big Canadian bands such as Timber Timbre. What’s it like to be in that circle?

G: Well, when I first moved to Toronto I was looking for that sort of thing, and it took a while to find those sorts of people. And it’s interesting now to see less and less people committed to doing it. I mean, it started out with lots of people doing it, and then slowly ended up with a certain bunch of people who do it because they love to do it, you know? It’s also nice to see how willing people are to help out other people.

AMBY: I know that you’ve toured extensively; you’ve been to the States, you’ve been to Europe, do you have any desire to settle down anywhere, or is Toronto your home base?

G: Toronto is definitely my home base for now. Like anywhere with the place where you live you flirt with the idea of leaving. I still come back to Toronto after touring and feel like it’s home.

AMBY: Do you feel like Toronto’s a good industry to be in right now, that the music industry is doing well?

G: I don’t really know [laughs]

AMBY: Do you ever feel like a big fish in a small pond here? Like if you went to LA or New York—

G: Oh it would be like starting over.

AMBY: So producers have always been really important to cultivating the sound of a band or helping to promote a band in a certain way, and I know you’ve worked with Howard Bilerman, do you have any plans to work together again?

G: Not currently, but not because we don’t want to. We did the last two records with Howard, we just completed our new record with Chris Stringer.

AMBY: Will you be supporting your previous LP Every Child a Daughter, Every Moon a Sun tonight, or a mix?

G: A mix, we’ll be playing a lot of our new stuff.

AMBY: Are you working on a new—

G: It’s done!

AMBY: Oh wow, when does it come out?

G: August, probably. Early fall, late summer. Yeah, it’s done, we just finished it last week. It was  a long process. There were lots of demos because we wanted to capture what we sounded like as a live band, and the only way to do that was the make very elaborate demos and play them live, and then make more demos and go play them live.

AMBY: Sounds like a lot of effort, hopefully that reads!

G: Yes [laughs]

AMBY: And, finally, what’s something about the band that no body knows yet?

G: Well, I can’t tell you the name of the new album, but I’m not sure if anyone knows the name of our studio. It’s called Swim Fan 69.

AMBY: Thank you very much, have a great show!


Thank you The Wooden Sky, for giving us your answers!

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