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Jeremy Fisher
Canadian singer-songwriter Jeremy Fisher will release his new album The Lemon Squeeze on May 13th (available for pre-order here). Known for his rootsy folk-rock, Jeremy took a new direction on The Lemon Squeeze by creating infectious pop anthems. To discuss the new direction, favourite tour memories, learning the piano, and playing Toronto’s Canadian Music Week tonight, we gave him a call earlier this week! Read the entire interview below:

AMBY: You soon release your new album The Lemon Squeeze! Tell me a bit about the album – when it came to recording it, what was the experience like?

Jeremy Fisher: It took a long time; I started it last July and we definitely were more deliberate when making this album than the last one. The last album I did was a folk album which was more or less live in the studio and this one is a piano pop record. Every little part and note was accounted for which kind of produced it in the way, you know, as if it were a hip-hop record. We cut out every little part perfectly and only added things that we knew we were going to keep in the end. We mixed as we went along and it was quite a production.

AMBY: You mentioned how the album displays a more pop-inspired feel compared to your earlier folk records. What influenced this new direction?

Jeremy Fisher: I was going to write a folk record, that was my intention, and the songs weren’t coming. I had a couple of songs but wasn’t feeling great about them. The producer, Gus Van Go, just sort of said “what are you into right now?” and I was really into Randy Newman at the time and Sail Away… I’ve played piano in the past, but have never been a piano player. I always wanted to make a piano record but wasn’t very good at it, so I learned piano and something came out of that. Every day I would sit down and practice piano and learn songs on piano, and I think the excitement of learning and having something new every day inspired me to write. It’s funny because I wouldn’t describe Randy Newman’s stuff as pop exactly, but that’s just the way that I ended up going when I was writing my own stuff.

AMBY: How long did you have to sit at the piano in order to get the feel for everything, and not just that, but the end result shown on the record?

Jeremy Fisher: [laughs] I’d just sit the whole day there, pretty much.

AMBY: Really? [laughs]

Jeremy Fisher: Yes. In the mornings I’d reserve for listening to music and learning and playing piano and the afternoon I’d write. I booked a whole month off in my schedule just to write and learn, and it was the best thing I could have done.

AMBY: When it comes to the title of the record, what’s the significance behind The Lemon Squeeze?

Jeremy Fisher: I like the word “squeeze”, for one [laughs]. I like the way it looks! I was coming up with a name for my band, the new band I put together, and that was the name I came up with and I liked it as a title. As it relates to the record, this one is more themes of mortality and love and growing. The Lemon Squeeze kind of alludes to that old saying, “when life gives you lemons…”

AMBY and Fisher: Make lemonade.

AMBY: With multiple albums under your belt, this being your sixth, how do you feel you’ve evolved as an artist from the release of your 2001 debut Back Porch Spirituals?

Jeremy Fisher: It’s funny because when I put out my first album, I was 24. When I was younger, I was like an old man trapped in an old man’s body.

AMBY: How so?

Jeremy Fisher: I was writing these folk songs and the people I listened to were older. Now that I’m actually growing older, I find that I’m reaching back into pop music and the pop sound. It gives me the feeling of being younger when I’m playing it.

AMBY: In support of the album’s release, you’ll soon embark on a North American tour where you’ll be playing Toronto’s Canadian Music Week. Which songs are your favourite to play live?

Jeremy Fisher: Off the new record, I really like playing Uh-Oh, the single and Happy Day is a really fun one to play.

AMBY: What is one of your most memorable touring experiences?

Jeremy Fisher: I did a couple of tours on my bicycles, and those must be the most memorable.

AMBY: Wow, that’s so neat.

Jeremy Fisher: I did one in 2010 with Said the Whale, Hannah Georgas, and Aidan Knight, and that was probably my favourite tour of all time. Spending a week on the road, on bicycles, with my friends.

AMBY: Awesome. For our last question, what’s something about Jeremy Fisher that nobody knows yet?

Jeremy Fisher: I don’t know if it’s true that most people don’t know this, but the reason that I play music is because of my favourite band of all time – AC/DC.


Thank you Jeremy Fisher, for giving us your answers!

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