You’ve GOT to Hear This: Midlake – “Antiphon”

Spring is finally here, and although I won’t be missing the cold, the changing of seasons always makes me a little nostalgic.  Thinking back to some of my go-to winter albums, I can remember many nights of battling the blustering wind, walls of snow, and the relief that followed from listening to Midlake’s Antiphon.   Ranking up there as one of my favorite winter releases, looping that album managed, miraculously, to help detract from the elements.

Having always been a huge Midlake fan, it’s been interesting listening to the progression of their sound.  Whereas their earlier material was quirky, experimental, and whimsical, their newer material has become increasingly more unified and somber, but is just as wonderful. Loaded with powerful melodies, roaring riffs and the classic soaring wind instruments, listening to Antiphon is a perfect way to battle the elements and disappear.

The album starts off with the track Antiphon, which when I first heard it captivated my everything; it simultaneously sounded nothing like and everything like Midlake.  Staying true to the grandeur of Midlake’s music, the track starts of heavy, but does not break into a whimsical verse; rather the song continues to build with prominent guitar, eerily strong melodies and powerful lyrics.

The entire album holds a continuity that is very different from Midlake’s earlier work, but is nonetheless refreshing.  Tracks like Aurora Gone and This Weight are some of my personal favourites, layered with bursting harmonies and the lightness of wind instruments.

As the spring is here and I’m sure plenty of rain to come, I figured it would be the perfect time to introduce anyone to this album.  Looking for something to fight off the rain? Then you’ve GOT to hear this!

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