You’ve GOT to Hear This: The Neighbourhood – “Honest”

The NeighbourhoodI don’t know what I’m more excited for – the Amazing Spider-Man 2 to come out (May 2) or to hear how the NBHD’s song ‘Honest’ is played in the film. The NBHD have been on top of their game this year: playing sold-out shows, doing tons of interviews, expanding their fan base and having their song be featured in an amazing film. The NBHD – consisting of Jesse Rutherford (vocals), Zach Abels (guitar), Jeremy Freedman (guitar), Mikey Margott (bass), and Brandon Fried (drums) – are an indie-pop band based from Newbury Park, Califo(u)rnia that have been getting tons of attention recently because they’re, let’s face it, good guys and amazing musicians.

Honest is just like chocolate: addictive, addictive and (extremely) addictive! The rhythm is exceptionally smooth (just like the nbhd) and because it starts off quietly, it builds up the rhythm and suspense for what’s to come. The song starts off with a slow riff while Jesse’s vocals are clear like liquid – they even almost sound like he’s begging. Before the chorus starts, it sounds like a gong has been hit, all while Jesse’s still singing. When the chorus has started, the beat is more evident and filled with the melodic banging of the drums, the riffs of the guitar and so on. The beat continues on and it’s one that you can tap your finger along with. The song is full of questions like, “Why’d you stick around, why’d you stay with me,” which fits the film perfectly because of the relationship between the two characters in the film. This song is about how someone faked their feelings or lied about them self, and how an individual hopes that they can show their true colors and be who they are without pretending. This is a great, happy, positive anthem that says you shouldn’t try to hide parts of yourself because you’re amazing.

The NBHD are going to be finishing up their Le Tour Noir soon, and if they’re coming to your city, definitely get tickets as soon as you can (because, chances are, they’ll be sold out soon if they aren’t already)! The NBHD is an amazing enigma that will make you fall in love with them. Be on the lookout for the Amazing Spider-Man 2 soundtrack, set to arrive April 22nd. Oh, and did I mention they’re releasing a new video this Monday? Stay tuned for great visuals and sounds.

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