Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Thom & Chrisbee

Thom & Chrisbee
I recently had the chance to interview an up and coming funk/hip hop/soul duo that go by the name of Thom & Chrisbee. I have been closely following the guys since the first time I witnessed what can only be described as a performance that took my breath away and had me hooked and wondering what else these guys could come up with. The band are consummate professional’s when it comes to a gig, they have a lot of their own material but will at the drop of a hat drop in a cheeky cover of an artist that you would not expect them to cover…..and they pull it off every time leaving the crowd begging for more. I caught up with Thom & Chrisbee in what Dr Thom describes as the Laboratory of Funk.

AMBY: Hi Thom & Chrisbee, Can you introduce yourselves and what you each of you do in the band?

Thom: Hello, I’m Thom and I play guitar like Uncle funky’s dirty cousin and sing like an unsaturated virgin.

Chrisbee: Is unsaturated virgin family friendly?

Thom: Of course, every family has one.

Chrisbee: True.

Chrisbee: Hello, My name is Chrisbee and I *beep* any *beep* that *beep* with my *beep*

Thom: That’s NOT family friendly.

Chrisbee: Of course it is, every family *beeps*

Thom: True.

AMBY: How would you describe your sound to those unfamiliar with your music?

Thom: We are musically homo. We make a socially unacceptable civil partnership of funk and hip-hop. Occasionally Soul joins in and we have a loose three way of sonic fun.

Chrisbee: All the while unravelling the interstellar issues of hyper dynamic funk beats. I think that’s the simplest way to describe it.

Thom: I agree. It’s definitely continuous. Mostly Improvised. Sometimes a thesaurus is used.

AMBY: What are your musical influences?

Thom: R Kelly, Poof Doody, Snoody doggy dog, Karnyay West. Oh and The word of god. I feel his words have something for everyone. I like his more downtempo stuff, like the late eighties.

Chrisbee: Not a big fan of Eminem but I like things that rhyme with it, like Debenhams’s, Lebanon that kind of thing, also a massive fan of orange peel, I think it’s really good especially in Chinese cooking.

AMBY: Your YouTube performances are excellent and have had an amazing amount of views, do you plan on posting more videos?

Thom: Thank you, that means something.

Chrisbee: Yes that definitely has meaning.

Thom: Yes we are currently working with Wooden Allen on his upcoming project, a film entitled “The Working Class of Funky Schoolgirls”. It’s a working title. It’s grafting. Skin Therapy, that kind of thing. Definitely means something.

AMBY: You recently won Oxjam band of the year 2013. How did you feel when you found out you had won?

Chrisbee: We thought to ourselves that it’s incredible how we came to promote ourselves and raise money for charity and in effect ended up walking away better off with a larger amount of money than the amount raised in our entire town. We’re thinking about of starting our own charity because we’re not selfish like that.

Thom: I kept forgetting that we’d entered. I was happy to win such a momentous thing and stuff. yeah it was great.

AMBY: What do you have planned for 2014?

Thom: We Intend to open ourselves with tearing. Then we’ll ooze into the larger cities like a fungal infection. But seriously enough. It’ll be a journey for me and Chrisbee. We will grow into colossal ambiguity. Is it a duo or a train wreck? NO thank you. *Laughs* No but its rather exciting.

Chrisbee: We’ve got a lot on the cards, this one I’ve got over here has the queen of diamonds on it, and i can’t help but ask ourselves, Can we stop now? This long answer is no sir. We plan on declaring war on anyone who isn’t ready to funk. A season of Funky change is upon us.

AMBY: Lastly, tell us something about Thom & Chrisbee that nobody knows yet?

Thom: No. We are not Secret Spoilers. If we told you, We’d have to kill you.

Chrisbee: Thom likes to draw nipples on his butt cheeks.

Thom: What? What the hell Chrisbee?! I thought we weren’t going to secret spoil. We both agreed to not secret spoil.

Chrisbee: I got nervous, I crack under pressure.

Thom: Yeah well you crack farts under pressure! Remember that one interview? That girl will never be the same again. Her eyes were red for weeks. They took her away in a body bag!

Chrisbee: Dude! I thought you didn’t wanna share stuff; God I’m so nervous. *farts*

Thom: For Crying out loud. *farts* You’re getting it now!

—Thom and Chrisbee proceeded to fight until they were later arrested both red eyed

The interview ended abruptly………..


Thank you Thom & Chrisbee, for giving us your answers!

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