Concert Review: Comes As You Are (Benefit Concert)

It’s a little odd and kind of insulting to review a tribute night. Bands performing covers. How do you review that, really? Well, I’m going on record to say – this is not a review, or passing of judgement on different bands’ takes on the legendary Nirvana’s catalog. This is a recapping of an awesome night, for an awesome cause.

Much in the vein of Loving In the Name Of – the very popular dance party that features beloved local and Canadian musicians doing live covers of all our favorite songs and guilty pleasures, CMW organized a night of Nirvana – the Come As You Are: A Nirvana Tribute Show, featuring music acts: DIANA, July Talk, Hidden Cameras, Luke Lalonde from Born Ruffians, members of Sloan, Biblical and more. A benefit concert for youth mental health and the arts programs, all proceeds from the show went to Delisle Youth Services to support counselling, arts and LGBTQ programs.

Each band would come out, set up their instruments (a drum-kit featuring CMW’s logo was out as the house-kit to avoid long wait times), and play their cover song. The covers ranged from Something in the Way, which Luke Lalonde played exactly as the track itself, In Bloom, which DIANA did an EXCELLENT job of. My absolute favorite of the night was the amazing Vag Halen. A feminist Toronto band that has made waves in major news like The Globe and Mail for their UNREAL covers of male-centric “cock-rock”, taking the inherently sexist misogynist lyrics of the hair metal, 80’s era, turning them upside down and performing them even better than the originals. These girls are fucking amazing. A growling shriek that destroys any of the dudes from the hair metal days, they covered Territorial Pissings and Drain You with a ferocity that was utterly captivating. July Talk finished off with Heart Shaped Box, Leah Fay and Peter Dreimanis alternating on vocals, in their fashion, possessed by the spirit of Nirvana, evoking a manic like presence on-stage. Great show, great cause.

Lauren Morocco | @LaurenMorocc

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