Concert Review: Brendan Canning @ Lee’s Palace

Brendan Canning
Brendan Canning played with full band at Lee’s Palace for Canadian Music Week’s third night. As a veteran in the music scene, Brendan Canning is as comfortable on stage as one might be lying on a beach, or drinking on a patio, swimming at the neighbourhood pool on the hottest day of summer, picnicking in the park, and hiding beer from the police. To get nostalgic about summer is to epitomize almost everything that Broken Social Scene once brought to this city, and in honour of the movement, Brendan started off the show with Handjobs for the Holidays, a trib-ute, he said, to the upcoming Mother’s Day.

The band has already gone through some line-up changes, with supporting vocalist Rosie June replaced by a petite country singer, but the sound of the band is most significant developing nicely into a fleshed out, rounder sound than previously. There’s a comfort and rhythm amongst the members now that was not necessarily lacking previously, but just a bit off, not quite fully there. We can definitely see the band living up to its potential.

Emily Fox | @foxyfoxe

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