You’ve GOT to Hear This: The 1975 – “Menswear”

The 1975
The 1975 have been together for around a decade already, but this quick rise to fame has only been quite recent. Matty Healy, Ross MacDonald, George Daniel, and Adam Hann have certainly been in the media lately, astounding bands all around them, and at the same time, making them a forced to be reckoned with. Their 39 track album that was released on April 14,2014, contained the same songs of their shortened album that was out September 3, 2013, got an amazing reaction from listeners all over the world. This deluxe album really gives you and idea of how far this band has come musically, and it also shows off their talent to create such different versions of the same songs. In this case, one song that has stayed relatively constant through all of their music advances is one that I genuinely believe exemplifies this group. Menswear is a must listen.

This song is from the perspective of a wedding from someone of drugs and drinking. It starts off as just the guests suspecting him of having drugs, and the story carries through these events , until eventually he makes a speech. This speech recalls his affair with the bride on the basis that he lied to her about the groom sleeping around. Next, he is approached by a woman who is coming onto him, but its concluded by saying that he’s too out of it to even comprehend what’s happening. It’s a little hard to really understand whats going on in this song, so I found I actually had to look up the lyrics and source it out from there.

They trick you into thinking the song is starting at around 0:47, with a gasp from Matty, and again at 1:17, before actually getting into the song at 1:43. I like this bit of teasing before the song, and I’m unsure as to whether this was their intent or not (trying to trick the listeners), but I like how it was done. It’s easy to get bored before the real song begins if you’re only into the ‘singing’ part of songs, but The 1975’s signature sound makes this journey worth it. The fast paced lyrics that start halfway through the song really set the tone, and the tempo increases significantly. I find that this song not only displays their singing abilities and talent, but it also showcases their ability to make good music, sans voices. As a result of this, I appreciate the lyrics more and listen to them better because they’re only there for half the song, rather than repeating themselves over the course of 3 minutes, and boring the listener.

My favorite part of this song has to be getting to decode Matty Healy’s thick Manchester accent while he sings. Although you can hear the words jut fine, there are a few instances where you almost have to catch yourself and think ‘wait, did he just say what i think he did?’, which causes you to replay that portion of the song and listen to it again. Once you mix in this accent along with the foot tapping beat that is stringed along into the song, it makes for such a signature mood and song. I have yet to hear a song similar to this, and I think that The 1975 are taking risks that the music industry has not yet seen. But it’s working, and everyone in the music industry is probably kicking themselves for not thinking of it first. I suggest going out onto iTunes today  before you do anything else and buying not only Menswear, but the whole album. You’ll thank me the moment you hear them sing.

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