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Chet Faker
Melbourne-based songwriter and producer Chet Faker (Nicholas James Murphy) released his debut 12-track LP on April 15th. Over two years in the making, the record fuses classic intimate songwriting with R&B, house, and hip-hop and today the talented artist will play the new material to his Toronto fans at The Hoxton! Ahead of the show, we caught up with Nick to discuss how the new album is like a diary in musical form, strong metaphors, honesty, reading, and funny tour stories. Read the entire interview below:

AMBY: Hey Nick, thanks for chatting with me today. I absolutely love the new record and can’t wait to discuss it.

Chet Faker: Thank you!

AMBY: My pleasure. First off, congrats on the release of your debut Built on Glass! Tell me a little about the album — what was the experience like recording it?

Chet Faker: It took me about two years to record it, so it was quite a long experience. It’s like a diary of my life over the last two years in musical form.

AMBY: The album fuses classic intimate songwriting with R&B, house, and hip-hop. When it came to songwriting, who were your biggest influences or inspirations?

Chet Faker: Probably my friends and the people I have relationships with in my life.

AMBY: When it comes to the title of the album, what’s the significance calling it Built on Glass?

Chet Faker: Glass was this really strong metaphor that kept popping out when I was thinking of a title.

AMBY: Why’s that?

Chet Faker: Glass is fragile and transparent and is an honest medium, and these are all big themes involved in creating the album. I built this whole record on those themes of honesty and being fragile, but that not necessarily being a bad thing.

AMBY: In support of the album, you’re on tour and soon playing in Toronto! What do you enjoy most about being on the road?

Chet Faker: Everything. Seeing new things! Personally, I enjoy playing the shows the most. Playing music.

AMBY: What’s your most embarrassing tour story?

Chet Faker: I don’t even know [laughs]. We played a show in Hamburg last year, and my guitarist at the time walked into a speaker and we had to play an encore while he was in an ambulance on his way to the hospital.

AMBY: That’s not good.

Chet Faker: There was blood all over the stage [laughs]

AMBY: [laughs] How did he walk into a speaker – was it hanging?

Chet Faker: It was crazy. It was one of those low-hanging speakers. I hit my head on it as well, but I didn’t hit it as hard.

AMBY: I’m guessing he’s alright now?

Chet Faker: He’s fine. He had stitches though and has a scar. It was his birthday that night and we threw him a party, so he was pretty sore the next day.

AMBY and Chet Faker: [laughs]

AMBY: Well, there’s a pretty stellar music scene happening right now in Melbourne. Which other artists from there should we keep our eyes on?

Chet Faker: Totally, there’s some great artists. There’s a group called YUJEN and there’s a great guy called Oscar Key Sung.

AMBY: I’ll definitely check those out. Outside of music, what are some of your favourite things to?

Chet Faker: I don’t have that much going on outside of music [laughs]. I like to read when I have the time and I keep a diary.

AMBY: Going through your Facebook page, you often post tracks by other artists. So who would your dream collaboration be with?

Chet Faker: That’s hard, I don’t know. Maybe Arthur Russell.

AMBY: For the last question, what’s something about Chet Faker that nobody knows yet?

Chet Faker: Probably my name [laughs].


Thank you Chet Faker, for giving us your answers!

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