Concert Review + Photos: Courtney Barnett @ The Duchess

Courtney Barnett
The music world is ready for another southern hemisphere heroine. But heir apparent Courtney Barnett has her feet firmly on the ground. She’s happy meeting with fans at The Duchess in York before popping off for a pre-gig bite to eat and I sense if the crowd followed her she’d give an impromtu performance before eating!

A collection of her first two releases, The Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas, has jettisoned the Tasmanian-born singer-songwriter into the British spotlight and from her make-up-free face to the favourite, oversized shirt Barnett is a revelation. Her music is heady, blending country, garage, and grunge-indebted rhythms with candid, convergent lyrics that turn the unremarkable intense.

With her eyes closed and lips pressed close to her mic, Barnett suffers herself in songs about masturbation and panic attacks. Her reconciled vocal, is a perfect match for the impressive melodies.

What’s unpredicted is Barnett’s captivating presence. She’s not traditional pop princess, but within the strength there’s and catchy playfulness. This debut UK tour, however, leaves no doubt that the southern hemisphere has another success story.

For an interview with Courtney Barnett, click here.

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