You’ve GOT to Hear This: Tom Odell – “Storms”

Tom Odell
It would be fair to say that there is a significant amount of hype surrounding 22-year-old Tom Odell, from Chichester. He has featured in the long list for the BBC Sound Of 2013, had one of his songs – Another Love –  used to advertise the Beeb’s 2013 schedule, won the BRITs Critics Choice Award, and has appeared in numerous other ‘ones to watch’ lists. But one song I think we should all watch is Storms.

When you first listen to the opening beats of this song, it’s safe to say that you instantly think about Mumford and Sons. With the signature guitar playing and the use of the kick drum throughout the song, I was almost convinced that Mumford and Sons and Jason Mraz had a lovechild, and the result was the brilliance that is Tom Odell. He takes the best of each of these artists, and he mixes it into his own, creating something fabulous in the process.Although Tom mixes and matches a plethora of artists to fit his unique style, he makes sure that all of his own ideas are completely his own.

In this song, I’m still unsure what the true meaning behind it is, so I’m going to give it my best. I think that Tom is talking about the storm that’s life, and how he’s learned to stop reliving bad memories, and he needs to be washed clean, so his past can be washed away. Tom obviously uses optimism throughout the length of the song, and the upbeat tempo makes you want to still listen until the end. No matter what song you listen to from Tom, I can be sure to let you know that he will convey such specific emotions and ideas that otherwise would have never crossed your mind. And for that reason, I’m excited to see where Tom ends up in the future.

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