Concert Review + Photos: Meadowlark @ Belgrave Music Hall

Plymouth band Meadowlark played the second date of their tour at Belgrave Music Hall in Leeds. Now it’s easy to compare them to an unusually strong music genre loosely referred to as “folk pop” at the moment that include the likes of Gabriella Alpin, Nina Nesbitt, and Lauren Aquilina. I’m in the lucky position of having seen all of them so I can say with a smidgen of authority that Meadowlark possess a difference to ensure that they can carve their own niche. And anyway, I don’t like the term “folk pop”, or for that matter putting music in boxes. It’s either good or not. In Meadowlarks case it pretty bloody awesome as they showed tonight.

The bands new four track EP, “The Three Six Five” is released on the 26th May. I’d urge you to give it a listen because it is the perfect soundtrack for anybody finding the love of your life this summer. Perfect indeed, if you’ve already found them!. Their performance ‘Family Tree’ is the kind music that makes you stop, goon and imagine anything you like. From opening line “I woke up when I was twenty-two” Lead singer Kate McGill’s dreamy vocals are delicate, emotional and evocative. Indeed her voice is more Indiana than Alpin here. Band-mates Carl Jones and Daniel Broadley are flawless. “Forlorn” brings a tear to your eye, melancholic without being sweetly sick, but with a strong melody that you find yourself humming on the way back to the car after the gig. “Sail Away” and “I Got You” are buoyant, happy, and welcoming like an old friend. Dreamy swirling guitars that are utterly adorable. There is a certain nostalgia to some of the lyrics. However, there is a line within all of the songs that will resonate with each individual listening, which is probably where Meadowlark differ from the rest. Whereas it’s a collective emotion with other artists of the genre with Meadowlark it’s much more personal.

Go see Meadowlark or buy the record. You’ll fall in love with them. Just like I did.

The rest of the tour continues in May and June: More details here and pre-order the album here.

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