You’ve GOT To Hear This: Cherry Glazerr – “Haxel Princess”

Cherry Glazerr
Photo by Jordan Millington Photography

The revival of girl power in the rock, alternative, and punk genres is perhaps one of the most fantastic things coming out of the music world right now. One girl-fronted band we need to keep an eye and ear on is Cherry Glazerr, a Los Angeles based band consisting of Clem Creevy on guitar and vocals, Hannah Uribe on drums, and Sean Redman on bass (Fun Fact: Clem and Hannah are still in high school). The band has been releasing from the cult-favorite Burger Records and they’ve been picking up steam ever since their first release, “Papa Cremp”. Their newest album, “Haxel Princess”, released January of this year, has received mountains of praise and I have to agree that it is definitely one of the best so far this year.

Cherry Glazerr delivers a slightly strange but infectious combination of dream pop infused with punk over simple structures and minimalistic guitar riffs. The reverberating vocals enhance the dazed and out-of-it state of mind of their songs and sound. ‘Trick or Treat Dancefloor’ is favorite, with haunting guitar and soft crooning that make for an eerie song that leaves you wondering what the heck you were just listening to, then putting it on repeat. ‘Teenage girl’ is a dreamy and simple track about, well, the life of a teenage girl, with Clem singing about “lipstick and french-fries” and “sneaking cigarettes at lunchtime”. Taking a lo-fi punk rock turn is ‘White’s Not My Color This Evening’, the most in-your-face track of “Haxel Princess”. It’s moody and aggressive in the best way possible.

With other song titles like ‘Grilled Cheese’ and ‘Cat Sitting in My Room’, Cherry Glazerr has a sense of humor and a distinctly youthful feel, but they’re a serious band with serious talent and are not to be taken as “just kids”, despite the fact that two of the three are still in high school. I’m excited for what’s next from them and looking forward to catching these guys on tour at the end of May.

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Review by Leslie Vilicich

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