You’ve GOT to See This: The Article – “Robbers”

The Article
The Article
are a young four piece hailing from York, with some wise heads on their shoulders. “Robbers” is their latest single, released as a double A side with “Love is Wrong” on their own label – Office Records.

The track is a delightfully upbeat slice of indie disco with drummer Cam Etherton and bassist Jacob Burtenshaw laying down the rhythms for Robert Fisher’s vocals and guitar licks & loops –  with the whole sound made fuller by the addition of Matt Orr’s synths. And to showcase the track they’ve made a suitably quirky video which gives a sense of the band’s personality.

But there’s also a drive behind the fun and musicality. It’s not every band that would make the trip to London to hand deliver a copy of their EP to NME’s offices, still less have the wherewithal to set up a label. They are bursting with ideas too, enough to keep a few side projects on the go too. So well worth keeping track of them.

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Review by Gavin Watson | @watsongc

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