Las Vegas top music venues

Las Vegas

When one thinks of Vegas, they naturally think of casinos – after all, nowhere else in the United States can you find so many casinos concentrated within one area. Coupled with the rise of online casino games like online roulette, Vegas is seeing increasing numbers of visitors each year. As a result Vegas is becoming as well known for its music scene as its casinos. The city is also the home of many top venues within the music business. Many of these venues are located within casinos and provide many different kinds of music.

The Pearl is one of Vegas’ top music venues, the site is legendary for the acoustics provided within the space. Also, the sound equipment here is updated and the best which permit acts to perform their best and a broad range of musical acts have been known to perform here over the years. Located at the Palms Casino, the Pearl has limited seating which varies depending upon who is performing. The most the site can seat would be 2500 people with the minimum being 1000 – the seating changes with the configuration selected by the performers.

 A second place to catch live music in Vegas is the Venetian. Here acts which cross many different musical genres have performed and some names include Smokey Robinson as he performs classic hits from Motown, Country duo, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have also performed here bringing their Soul2Soul Show.

As one might expect, the Hard Rock Café and Casino offers a live music venue for its visitors. In recent years, expansion projects provided room for performances to occur, the resulting music venue is larger compared to some of Vegas’ more intimate venues. Known as “The Joint” this music venue has a total of 4500 seats and here guests can be dazzled with outstanding concert performances. Some of the music industries legendary performers have graced the Joint’s stage, among them include Paul McCartney, Guns N’ Roses and Imagine Dragons. With music of all genres on show there is something for everyone.

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