You’ve GOT to Hear This: The Cab – “Bad”

The Cab
The Cab is an American rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada that has been around since 2004. The members, Alexander Deleon, Joey Thunder, Dave Briggs, and Chance Johnson, are known for their catchy and profound lyrics, and their talent for always setting the bar higher and higher for themselves.

No matter my mood, whenever this song comes on while I’m alone in my room, i find myself dancing around, and belting out the lyrics despite my lack of an optimal singing voice. I need to have at least one song from The Cab on my phone in order for me to keep my sanity. They have such smooth voices, and although they have a new album out, I always find that I keep reverting back to their album, Symphony Soldier, which was out on February 5 of 2013. Although, they haven’t been centre stage in the media quite yet, the fans that they have certainly are loyal.

I don’t have much to say about this song, other that it’s a must-listen. Just please go out and listen to it, and you’ll understand. I love how they sing about love, but in a different perceptive. They want to persuade the listener to crave for a crazy, all or nothing relationship, where the love that they find is always seeming to be a party. Whether it finds a place on your ‘throwback to 2k13’ playlist, or your ‘Dance your face off!’, it’s fun vibe and  execution of the instruments mix together for a great song. I always find that I mistake the first few lines of this song for the opening lines of a pop group. But it’s not the case. Although I would pay to see them stomping around the stage in matching outfits, dancing along to the horribly pre-choreographed music, I think I’d rather keep The Cab that I know now. Despite me always making this mistake, i find I just laugh it off anyways, right before I jump into singing out the lyrics. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll learn, but in the meantime, if you need me, I’ll be singing “I wanna rock and roll and party all night”, in the confines of my room, holding a hairbrush as a microphone.

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